Last Build Session!!!!

Hello Fellow Robotic Builders,

Just a quick recap on our session on December 13th. Today we talked about how our rigorous build season will be and what will need to be done to have success during build season and competition. There will be long hours and a lot of work to be done…so be ready! We have a lot of people, so every member’s hands…and brains are necessary for gaining success in building our robot. However, we don’t need everyone working on one thing; there is a job for everyone, so if you don’t know what you can help with, just ask one of our friendly mentors what to do. Also, we continued building our hula-hoop practice robots and talked about preparation for mock kickoff.

P.S. Eric should be careful with his topics for figure of merit. For some reason arguments for which gaming device is superior creates a heated environment with lots of disagreements. Anyways we don’t need to lie…the ipad air is obviously a superior gaming option.