LA Regional 2015

Congratulations and good job to each team that competed at the LA Regional! It was great seeing the diversity of robots and having a chance to interact with other members from different teams.  During the regional we experienced some difficulties at the beginning of qualifications, but quickly worked to resolve them and managed to earn a ranking of 11th place out of 66. This is a new record! Seeing our robot perform was exciting as well as invigorating. It felt truly amazing to see our hard work come to life on the field. Moving onto quarterfinals, Viking Robotics was invited by teams 3328, NohoRobo, and 3309, Friarbots, to compete in their alliance. Although we did not have a chance to move onto semifinals, we are proud of everyone’s performance and grateful for the opportunity to work alongside them. This past weekend has helped us understand improvements that could be made to our robot and different ways in which we can approach situations that occur during matches. We would like to thank the parents who donated lunch for everybody and made us all a little happier. Another thanks to everyone who gave teammates a ride to the competition. Without your flexibility and generosity we wouldn’t have had such a great experience. Hope to see everyone at the Ventura Regional!