Ventura Regional 2015

This previous weekend Viking Robotics made an appearance at the Ventura Regional. We finished qualifications in 35th place out of 41 teams, and unfortunately were not invited to join any alliances for quarterfinals. In the previous regional we experienced problems with obtaining totes from the chute, so we built two separate ramps in hopes of resolving this issue. One of the ramps was constructed of aluminum and tied to our robot with a rope; while the other boasted two “butterfly wings” that were directly attached to the ‘bot, and utilized motors to guide the totes in a perfect position for stacking. After testing both modules in several of the matches, we decided to discard both and rely on keeping a tote at the bottom of the stack to help with alignment. We also added another component to the side of our robot that could lift recycling bins. This addition greatly helped with autonomous mode and allowed the drivers to cap off our stacks.

Although our performance at this regional was not the greatest, Viking Robotics is proud of our overall season and how much we have improved. From our original designs to the final product, our robot has stayed true to its initial purpose. We cherish and applaud the members who have worked towards their potential and surpassed expectations to try and accomplish this ambitious design. The knowledge gained by undergoing rigorous training and working long, exhausting hours to contribute to the robot is invaluable and will stay with our teammates as they pursue other aspects of life. As mentioned in the follow-up meeting held on Wednesday, there were many positive aspects of this season and many improvements for next year.

Teammates: Please, if you haven’t already, fill out the form provided by Mr. Zook through email and on the Facebook page. Feel free to express ideas for areas of improvement, as well as things you enjoyed about this past season. Good job this season! Hope to see you all at the follow up meetings. :)

Parents and Mentors: THANK YOU!!! Each and every student appreciates your flexibility and constant support; without you, we wouldn’t function as a team. Thank you for allowing us to stay at school extra late, and for sacrificing your free time (and oftentimes sleep) to help us pursue our passion. We love you!!!

Left Shark: We love you as well. Never forget that.