12/12/14 Meeting

Today we held the last of our training sessions, where members completed the build projects specific to their skill areas. Also, this final training session was a makeup time for any who missed more sessions than allowed, and any questions on past sessions or on Mock Kickoff (December 18th) were answered. Thank you to all of our members who have been coming to meetings and actively participating, and on behalf of the entire website team we look forward to an exciting build season that will surely put all of our newly learned skills to use.

12/9/14 Meeting

Today, the CAD and the Programming teams were given tasks to complete in order to test their proficiency. The CAD team was assigned to make FRC trophies that would then be put into an assembly of a shelf with all of the trophies on it, while the Programming team worked on the robot’s autonomous mode to prepare for the season. This was our last specialized training session, and our last training session is this Friday December 12th. Don’t forget about Mock Kickoff which is on December 18th.

Mock Kickoff!

Just a reminder to all team members that mock kickoff is on Thursday, December 18th in the afternoon. It will be held in the library, and attendance is mandatory if you would like to participate in this year’s build season. Mock kickoff is one of the most important parts of training and allows members to get real design experience, so make sure to clear your calendar now for the afternoon of the 18th.

12/5/14 Meeting

Today, members learned about the different materials used in FIRST Robotics, and which materials are best suited for different functions. Factors such as ductility, weight, and hardness are considered for every piece of the robot. Another topic discussed was the different cutting blades and which materials each blade can cut.
Also, don’t forget to purchase lightbulbs to fundraise to help contribute to the team! Contact Mr. Zook for details.